Simplified Cyber Security
Simplified Cyber Security
Simplified Cyber Security

Security Testing (Penetration Testing)

Based on statistics, most organizations (private & government) will be hacked, sooner or later if not yet already hit!  The increase in hacking activities has been due to the fact that there are more entry points into corporate networks due the increase of use of web technologies to serve customers efficiently.

Penetration testing is a “mirror of your security posture” to a malicious internal and external threat.  Through our PenTesting services, we can help identify, explain the various methods by which access can be gained to your information assets and also the impact of such attacks. Its evident that such attacks cripple down your business, loss of revenue and worst case your reputation.

External PenTesting

External PenTesting consists of review of threats that could be exploited on Public Facing IP Infrastructure. This could include internet-accessible devices and services such as firewalls, webserver, mail servers, router, DNS, etc.  The assessment will indicate whether there has been a ROI of existing implemented security controls & defenses.

Our methodology is built around a vigorous manual testing process that will be a simulation of an actual attack leading to identification of flaws and loopholes that can lead to an exploit.  We further build scenarios utilizing the compromised system as a pivot point to further penetrate the network infrastructure, to demonstrate the potential impact of a successful compromise.

Internal Penetration Testing

An internal penetration test simulates attacks that may arise from within your organization either through a disgruntled employee, human error or through an attacker who has been able to bypass your perimeter defenses.   Our experts utilize a risk-based approach to manually identify critical infrastructure security vulnerabilities that exist on targeted, internal systems.

The goal of conducting internal Pentesting is to:

  • Provide management with an understanding of the level of risk from malicious users connected to the internal network.
  • Create a basis for future decisions regarding your information security strategy and resource allocation.
  • Provide recommendations that are cost-effective and address underlying risks

Social Engineering Testing

Social engineering Testing focuses on identifying and validating vulnerabilities associated with your employee’s ability to follow policies, procedures and best practices.  The outcome will demonstrate and communicate the importance of Information Security Awareness training.

Our expert will design a series of real-world attacks to test your employees knowledge about topics such as phishing, dissemination of confidential information, impersonation etc. We will help uncover weakness that makes you vulnerable to a successful social engineering attack.

Although the methodology used for Pentesting is generally the same, we customize our methodology according to the needs of the client and the technology in use.

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