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Simplified Cyber Security
Simplified Cyber Security

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Cyber Security doesn’t have to be baffling

Emergence and reliance of technology for day-to-day chores (banking, medical care, education, shopping, communication, transportation etc) has been on the rise in recent years. We are very quick to adopt (or forced to adopt thanks to the technology wave) with minimal regards to the risks associated. This scenario inspired our founder to incorporate the company in 2014. His key driver was close the market gap by enlightening individuals and enterprises on cyber risks they face and guide them in mitigating them.

Today, Villbo Group Ltd is one of the fastest-growing technology company in the region. We are on the leading front in providing assurance to enterprises in Africa on their technology related investments.

Africa has experienced soaring internet growth and an exponential mobile device penetration rate. At Villbo we are providing the needed assurance and confidence for technology adoption as we mitigate losses (Financial, data, reputation & Personal Information etc) associated with cyber threats.

We are strategically positioning ourselves to provide cyber solutions that address the unique and yet challenging cyber threats in the African market space.

Managed Security Services

Death is inevitable so are security breaches

Cyber Security Consulting Services (CS2)

We deliver flexible services that enhance our clients existing programs, infrastructure and personnel as we simplify the cyber security and IT compliance requirements. By gaining a detailed understanding of individual clients needs, Villbo Group combines deep security expertise and security tools from our partners to improve security and address compliance with regulations – ISO27001, SOX, PCI DSS, HIPAA etc.

Stay ahead of the adversaries

The threat landscape is getting more sophisticated with the threat actors being ahead of their targets. Organizations are struggling with volumes of data from various sources that need to be analyzed. The data isn’t correlated with external data (from Threat Intelligence feeds) and not aggregated with internal security data -Indicators of Compromise(IoC’s) making security operations a nightmare!

Security Operations Center (SOC) are overwhelmed by noise as there are too many tools in use. The tools don’t communicate nor do they prioritize which leads to SOC chasing false positives. It’s no surprise that it takes an average of 60 days for organizations to discover an incident!

Despite the investment in security tools, threats end up compromising enterprises. SOC of today need powerful tool that can identify and respond fast to suspicious activity.

Our Security Analytic tools allows us to correlate external data with internal security data giving the storyline of ‘what, who, when, where and how’ of any incident instantly clear.

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Security Awareness Training

Your user will betray you with one Click!

It’s not news anymore to hear of breaches that emanate from a user who was compromised. In fact the easiest way to compromise an enterprise is to do so via the humans. There are no patches for humans however with security awareness we can have ‘human firewalls’ – individuals who are at the forefront protecting the organization as well their personal data.

Our training programs are aimed at educating staff and creating behavioral change towards cyber security. We put cyber security and its importance into the forefront of your staff’s minds on a regular, consistent basis using our modules, videos, posters etc. As we do so we ensure its FUN getting the attention needed for the program.

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DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service)

Disaster can strike at any time and worse when we least expect them. It’s important to have a robust, targeted and well tested DRP to guarantee business continuity with things go awry.

Recent research indicated that 40% of organizations rated their ability to recover from a disaster as fair or poor. In addition, 36% of companies are in need of DR can’t afford one. 3 of 4 businesses get a failing grade for DR.

In today’s business environment organizations don’t have luxurty to have a DR Psite that awaits to be utilized when a disaster strikes. There isn’t even a budget for maintenance of a DR site sitting idle.

Our DRaaS allow our clients avoid the cost of investing in infrastructure for the DR sites. Client pay for DR from operating budget as they pay as they use. We design a DRP with our cloud-providers guaranteeing security and backup of your data at a reasonable cost.

Client focus on core business as we secure and ensure availability when the primary site is down.


Cyber Security Consulting Services

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Security Awareness Training

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Compliance and Audit

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Security Testing (Penetration Testing)

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Cyber Insurance Consulting

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Physical Security, Access Control and Surveilance

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